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Focusing on the long-term development of clean and reliable US' energy supplies


ENERPROCO LLC/ENERPROGROUP is an enhanced oil & energy production technology and integrated chemicals’ blending/services company. 


ENERPRO offers strategic approach development for onshore and offshore oil & gas fields around the world (from exploration to appraisal to production to restoration), advanced sub-surface/fracture diagnostics and managed oilfield services for the Improved-/Enhanced Oil Recovery (IOR/EOR) project design, pilot and full-field implementation.


Through our International Joint Venture Company - BADAK CHIYODA ENERPROCO LLC, we provide LNG Plant's EPCIM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Installation and Maintenance), Management of Commissioning and Startup Services, Sourcing and Contractor Management Solutions to the LNG megaprojects in North America.


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